“I found Terese rather serendipitously when I needed healing and guidance deeply. I felt comfortable with her instantly and after my first session I knew I needed to visit with her again. Her presence is warm and understanding and I am always in awe of her gifts. When telling friends about her office I often refer to it as a piece of heaven, it’s a safe place to unravel and reset. I leave our visits feeling confident, refreshed and with great notes I eagerly apply to my life. I really can’t recommend her services enough, she even has her own beautiful tarot deck of angels.”

~ P. Lutz

“Deciding to take that step and go see Terese was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long. When I left my reading I felt amazing, went back a week later for raindrop and I felt the best I have in years. Terese has opened my eyes to a lot of things in my life and showed me the importance of mediation. I would recommend anyone and everyone to take that time for yourself and go see Terese!”
~ M. Stendardo

“I have been so blessed to have been guided along my spiritual healing journey with Terese Shanely. Not only have I personally healed and grown through her mentorship, but now I offer my own healing services. Terese certified me in Reiki I, II, and III as well as in Raindrop Therapy. She is such a beautiful, kind soul and wise, encouraging teacher. She creates a very sacred experience for her students. I now have a Reiki practice of my own thanks to Terese.”

~ K. Anderson

“Terese! You are such a bright light in everyone’s world and I just wanted to send a reminder to you on how much happiness, guidance, and love that you give to others is so appreciated! Big hugs sweet friend.”
~ A. Tuell

When I contacted Terese, I was feeling very lost and my soul was stirring so much inside I felt like I was ready to burst. (AKA – My awakening!) I am a Christian and had zero background in chakras or spirit guides, etc – and I was a bit skeptical, to be honest. But I am so grateful I took the step to call her. Terese provided me a safe and comfortable place to ask questions & learn about what is going on inside of me. She is not only, very sweet & supportive, but extremely knowledgeable and an amazing coach. Because of distance, we do ZOOM sessions and it has worked great! Don’t hesitate, give her a call!

~ Carol Ellison